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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How Does EMS-Connect improve patient - Emergency department interaction?

A  EMS-Connect helps patients by improving the quality of communication between the ambulance and the Emergency Department.  Instead of just communicating by cb radio or cell phone, EMS-Connect provides a visual and audio connection between the EMS and ED for the entire run.

Q How does EMS-Connect improve patient satisfaction with hospitals?

A  Patient satisfaction improves by having the capability of a two-way visual conversation with the ED Practitioner, Paramedic, EMT and Patient before the patient ever arrives at a participating Emergency Department.  This builds an initial rapport between the patient and ED Practitioner which has a calming effect of knowing who will be receiving them at the ED.

Q What other benefit is EMS-Connect able to provide to the patient and the hospital.

A  At EMS-Connect we have the capability to expedite the registration process using the patient’s drivers license or identification card and/or their insurance card. This allows the hospital to enter the patient’s information into the hospital’s EMR system in a timely manner. ED personnel can easily determine if the incoming patient is new or is an existing patient, provide information about potential allergies and medications that the patient may be taking, and reduce the risk of potential interactions of medications.

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