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EMS Live HD Video Connectivity
Advancing 9-1-1 EMS Triage While the Patient is En-Route

EMS-Connect, LLC

Our Vision

We strive to become the partner of choice for in-transit connectivity and live, interactive communication between ambulance paramedics, EMTs, patients and Emergency Department providers.

Our Culture

Our culture stems from a passion for health and wellness, compassion for patients, respect among employees, innovation of new technologies and total commitment to our clients.

Our Mission

To apply knowledge and cutting-edge technology to give EMS providers the tools to meet population needs for emergency medical services.

Actionable Information to Advance
En-Route EMS Triage

Our Services

Advanced one-click, simple Eyes and Ears Communication from the Back of the Ambulance to Emergency Department Practitioners.

Our Points of Service

The EMS-Connect stations in the Ambulance, in the Emergency Department and at the Ambulance Dispatch center.

Emergency Vehicle Station

Ambulances are retrofitted with carrier-grade wireless communications, an enterprise-grade HD video solution, and a secondary handheld medical camera. The EMS-Connect™ System enables a virtual check-in, live, interactive communication between the EMTs, the patient and emergency department triage staff while the ambulance is in transit. The virtual check-in begins with a simple one-click of a button.

Emergency Department Station

The Emergency Department is retrofitted with an enterprise grade HD video solution and a touch-screen control center that allows the ED practitioner to remotely control the video system in the ambulance and as well to view the images captured by the medical camera in the ambulance.
A rapport can be established with the patient, an image of ID information can be transmitted, and clinician-directed views of body injuries can be seen. As warranted, ED and hospital resources can be pre-mobilized prior to the patient’s arrival.

EMS-Connect Dispatch Station

Ambulance dispatch/triage staff follow internal protocols to assess 9-1-1 patient status, code the emergency and assign an EMS-Connect enabled vehicle to the emergency site. EMS-Connect™ software operates 24/7 enabling virtual check-ins with participating emergency departments.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Latest News

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Working with Health Systems

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Joining forces with MedCare-EMS

We proudly announce our joint efforts with Med-Care-EMS in the city of McAllen.

Teaming up with the best
talent in the industry

We have formed a second-to-none team of experts in the different fields of application around EMS-Connect, management, legal, commercial, software development and engineering.

David King
U.S. Sales Manager   |   EMS-Connect LLC
Cell: 956-388-0588
Office: 956-682-3656
200 S 10th St, Suite 1205, McAllen, Texas, 78501



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EMS-Connect, LLC is a private, self-funded U.S. company. Headquarters are in McAllen, Texas with offices in Austin and San Antonio.
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